XAOS provides scheduling of detail tasks and the management of the required resources (employees and equipment) in a multi-user distributed environment hosted on a SQL Server database.

The system aims to automate many of the processes of very short-term scheduling by providing tools like rule based automated detail task generation. At the same time a user can still add any required ad-hoc tasks very quickly.

The very intuitive and customizable user interface provides access to Gantt charts showing orders, tasks, resource allocations, team makeup, resource load. Resources can be assigned to tasks and teams using drag and drop while highlighting preferences and availability.

The system provides a built-in rostering tool with employee rotations to maintain employee rosters. It is also possible to receive employee shift assignments from third party systems via the integration API.

Super users can configure all the necessary reference data and system settings and rules directly in the system. Likewise, user and interface administration can be performed directly in the XAOS client.

A built-in report writer allows reports to be configured. However, data is also available for extraction to third party data marts and warehouses for enterprise reporting.

Enterprise features such as fine-grained user authorization and transaction auditing enable the system to be deployed in any enterprise environment. User and role assignment can be integrated with directory systems (such as Active Directory) via LDAP.

A message-based integration API allows for easy integration with third party systems or enterprise frameworks.  Information such as orders, high level and / or detailed tasks, employee clock-in, planned and ad-hoc maintenance can be updated from third party systems in near real-time.

The mobile API based on standard protocols such as web sockets and REST enables the creation of mobile applications to communicate task status and assignments to users in the field as well as the capture of actual task status.

XAOS is embedded and integrated in the MineRP enterprise suite under the MineRP Work Manager brand

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